AltaSigma makes data science accessible to organizations of all sizes. So, whichever the size of your team, you can start taking smart business decisions today, based on predictive, proactive and empirical data analysis.

Take advantage of scalable big data technologies. Compute complete datasets without infrastructure limitations. Quickly build and run models with best-in-class parameter optimization. And use the best, most advanced machine learning algorithms to overcome difficult or unresolved problems and test new ideas.
Fully automate tedious and time-consuming model development processes from data acquisition, preprocessing, feature and target engineering. Compare models of different algorithms or parameter settings and instantly deploy champion models in data-rich ecosystems.
Govern models as managed assets. Standardize and centralize data science activities. React instantly by retraining models when performance degrades. Know the status of all of your models at all times. Provide an audit trail for model development, model retraining, and model management.
Visual Insights
Uncover hidden insights on the fly. Use interactive dashboards and make your point with model exploration, model trend analyses, and opportunity identification. Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Find out which model provides the best accuracy and get more value from your big data analytics.
Build and retrain numerous predictive models instantly. Rely on quality approved models with best-in-class accuracy. Add new features without data integration efforts. Compare, assess and deploy models with just the click of a button. Monitor model performance onsite or offsite - from any device.
Cloud based

Experience the advantages of a cloud-based infrastructure where your data is kept fully anonymous at all time. Access AltaSigma 24/7 from any device. Enjoy flexible capabilities for easy SaaS deployment, without the hassle of setting up your own server infrastructure. Gain fast access to flexible and low cost IT resources for rapid scalability.

No Coding required
Join the big data analytics train without understanding programming logic, loops, and functions. Bring the business knowledge and the data, and AltaSigma takes care of the rest. Build and deploy best-in-class machine learning models in a fraction of a time, based on the knowledge, experience and best practices of hundreds of data science projects.