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Financial Services

Understand the journey of your costumers, improve customer lifetime value, manage risks, mitigate fraud.

The financial services industry has never faced as many challenges as they do today: Growth and margin compression. Increased regulatory pressure. Vanishing interest rates. Technology disruption and new competitors. New kinds of fraud and security risks.

All these factors make banking an exceptionally challenging market. Since many banking services are interchangeable banks must develop deeper understanding of their customers behavior and needs and rapidly put that insight into action.

AltaSigma helps financial service organizations identify and predict changing market dynamics, adapt quickly to unforeseen events, and maintain a competitive edge.

AltaSigma provides the following analytics capabilities for the financial service industry:

  • Lead Analytics & Customer Journey Optimization
  • Customer Intelligence (Product Propensity, Churn Prevention, Next Best Activity)
  • Credit Risk
  • Fraud Detection

AltaSigma allows businesses to dramatically improve end customer intimacy by both knowing what customers want and evolve or respond quickly to changes in marketplace, business strategy and customer buying behaviors.


Make profitable decisions, fight fraud, maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, optimize the customer experience.

Rising costs of managing claims and risk combined with the struggle to increase profitability are some key challenges in the insurance industry. For insurers and other providers of financial products and benefits, it’s more important than ever to make profitable decisions, fight fraud, and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

AltaSigma provides the following analytics capabilities for insurers:

  • Lead Analytics & Customer Journey Optimization
  • Customer Intelligence (Product Propensity, Churn Prevention, Next Best Activity)
  • Sales Optimization
  • Risk-based Pricing
  • Fraud Detection

Insurers can use AltaSigma to maximize profitability, and reduce fraud, waste and abuse, while optimizing the customer experience and extending the customer lifetime.


Drive better patient outcomes, establish evidence-based diagnosis, predict patient safety signals, improve clinical performance, mitigate fraud.

Healthcare organizations ranging from single-physician offices and multi-provider groups to large hospital networks and accountable care organizations increasingly capture big data about patients, processes and operations, like electronic health records, device readouts, claim transactions, sensor data, genomics and much more. AltaSigma’s machine learning technologies make diagnostics and predictions faster, more accurate, and more accessible. Potential fields of applications include

  • Detection of diseases at earlier stages
  • Assistance with evidence-based diagnosis
  • Prediction of individual patient outcomes
  • Patient risk stratification
  • Mining, processing and making sense of clinical notes
  • Medical image analysis
  • Retrospective Analysis
  • Forecasting and time series analysis with medical applications
  • Anomaly and fraud detection

Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention are all huge challenges that are based in part on plentiful data, and their improvement represents incalculable value. AltaSigma's mission is to provide a unique analytics toolset that allows healthcare organizations to fully utilize the vast stores of medical data collected today, regardless of what form they are in - medical images, doctors' notes, structured lab tests, and so forth.

Retail / Ecommerce

Optimize product search, understand who your customers are, improve the customer experience, recommend the most relevant products, reduce fraud.

Today, machine learning applications are mainly employed by large ecommerce companies with the resources to invest in such technologies. AltaSigma’s misson is to make machine learning more widely employed in the ecommerce industry and affordable by a larger number of online retailers. Now ecommerce organizations can drastically improve their personalization efforts, not only based on order history, but also based on real-time site interactions. AltaSigma provides the following analytics capabilities for retailers and ecommerce organizations:

  • Search optimization (e.g. ranking, query understanding, query expansion, related queries)
  • Product recommendation and promotion
  • Personalization
  • Anticipatory purchases
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Sentiment and trend analysis of product reviews
  • Shipping cost and time estimation
  • Inbound and outbound logistics optimization
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Supply and demand analysis and forecast
  • Optimization of return shipments
  • Optimization of credit limits

With AltaSigma, e-commerce retailers can finally deliver the right products at the right place and the right time, providing need-oriented and intelligence-powered shopping experiences.


Craft travel experiences that feel custom-made, optimize marketing effectiveness, extend customer lifetime value, improve operational performance, drive competitive differentiation.

Since personalization continues to be a mantra for many travel suppliers, large travel companies already started big data initiatives to work across silos to gather the myriad data points created by a consumer at different touchpoints. AltaSigma converts all of that raw information into truly actionable insights. Automated and instant analysis of historical booking data, traveler profile information, reservation browsing patterns and much more provides an increasingly personalised shopping experience for travel consumers, which at the same time will result in higher rates of conversions into sales and in a more productive shopping experience for consumers. AltaSigma’s potential fields of applications in the travel industry include

  • Recommender systems for travel products
  • Conversion optimisation for travel products and online-advertising campaigns
  • Anticipatory destinations
  • Travel mode prediction
  • Sentiment analysis and profiling of reviews
  • Video, image, and voice recognition

AltaSigma’s preference driven framework automatically takes personal preferences into account, helping travel suppliers more efficiently match trip itineraries to travelers. The potential to improve the customer experience - and drive revenue for your business - is virtually limitless.


Up-sell, cross-sell, optimize pricing, retain customers, increase customer lifetime value, orchestrate the customer experience.

The telecommunication industry is in the midst of a shift that's bigger than the switch from landlines to mobile. This shift, from competition based on price to competition based on customer experience, is already changing the way telcos do business. To compete for or win back market share, telcos must focus on creating a personalised experience communicating value, increasing loyalty, and recognising the individual. AltaSigma enables more precise and effective offer development, marketing activities, retention programs, and other initiatives that shape the customer experience. Fields of applications include

  • Up- and cross-sell
  • Churn prevention
  • Uplift modelling
  • Customer lifetime prediction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Call detail record analysis
  • Risk analysis

AltaSigma helps you dive through your data and apply machine learning algorithms to deliver precise sales, service, and marketing strategies that will help you acquire and retain the most profitable customer base.


Smart Factory, Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality, Process Anomaly Detection, Energy Efficiency, AIoT, Process Mining

Many manufacturers suffer from outdated processes and missing tools to process data streams of their production assets and turn them into business value and competitive advantage. With AltaSigma they can now leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value. Our AI Solutions brings manufacturing into the age of big analytics, big insights, and ultimately, big productivity.

  • Predictive Quality
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Shopfloor Intelligence
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Process Mining

AltaSigma provides all relevant algorithms to analyze high-frequency data streams from PLCs, sensors & cameras with AI methods in a scalable manner, in batch or in real time. Now process deviations can be identified much more efficiently and effectively in order to optimize plant effectiveness, minimize scrap and sustainably ensure manufacturing quality.