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Choosing the right AI solution for your business is no easy task. With more than two decades of experience applying machine learning algorithms to real-world problems in different industries, we understand that each solution must be tailored to your overall business strategy and goals.

Once we receive your contact information, we will contact you to arrange a joint online demo. We are looking forward to present our AI platform using an application example from your industry.

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We have designed and built our AI as a Service platform with ease of use in mind. Experience our platform for yourself and start by uploading your data sets, train your first prediction models and interact with our visualization tools.

If you’re not sure which algorithms fit best to your machine learning initiative, we can provide your organization with short, hands on training sessions. So from day one, you can let everyone in your team harness the power of data analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence.

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Turn your data into value.

If you decide to use our AI as a Service licensing model, you can continue to use the trial version right away. Experience one of the world’s most powerful Enterprise AI Platform, offering the flexibility, agility, and security of a fully-managed cloud software service.

Or go for our Installation licensing model and deploy on any cloud platform, on premise, or at the edge, for an AI experience optimized for your organization to match your exact operating environment and IT requirements for maximum flexibility and comfort.