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Uplift Modeling – When traditional propensity models cease to provide value

19.01.2024 by Stefan Weingaertner

Harnessing the power of AI and Uplift Modeling to drive personalized customer approaches, minimize scatter effects, and enhance campaign efficiency sustainably.
Uplift Modeling
Causal Inference
Incremental Response Modeling
Data Science

Generative AI for the analysis of sensitive enterprise data

25.05.2023 by Stefan Weingaertner

How enterprises can retain complete data sovereignty when operating generative AI models.
Generative AI
Enterprise AI
Private Cloud

Process Mining - Functionality, benefits, and fields of application

09.03.2023 by Stefan Weingaertner

How to use process mining to automatically visualize process flows, analyze value streams, and reconstruct process models from digital event data.
Use Case
Process Mining
Data Science